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A few of our valued Caret customers

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Explore our two offerings uniquely designed by real estate experts that live and breathe the industry daily.

We improve outdated processes and manual tasks

Our suite of products offer modern technology processes with automation that results in saved time and money while providing all your end users a positive experience that sets your organization apart from the competition

What our clients say

We asked our clients about their experience using Caret platforms. Here's what they had to say:

“Benefits across the board”

Hopewell implemented our own branded platform for our tenants over a year ago and the feedback has been positive! Our tenants truly appreciate the usability and simplicity of the platform. The platform itself has been beneficial with tenant communication and preventative maintenance. The Caret team has been excellent to work with!

Danielle Chabot

“An amazing service”

GeoInspect makes the process between us, as the owner of an asset, and our third-party property manager a more transparent one, greatly improving communication and accountability. Since the app improves operational efficiencies, we are able to fully recover the nominal cost from our tenants.

David Salpeter
President AT baramy investments

“Thrilled with the results!”

Royop recently transitioned to Orange+, our branded version of the Caret app and we are thrilled with the results! Having a branded tool for tenant engagement has added significant value for Royop by solidifying our REM platform and strengthening external, tenant relationships. With app features that are constantly evolving with the needs of our business, we are excited to see where Orange+ will take us next.

Jayme Legat
general manager AT royop
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True Technology Partner

Why Caret?

We are in it for the long run

We are interested in long term partnerships
while providing value to our customers for years to come. We push the envelope on the status quo and constantly are looking to innovate. If there is something you need custom developed, we can help with that.

Tell us what you want built next

Our customers drive our development roadmap and we listen. Our software engineering team is driven to develop innovative features. Nothing makes us happier than when we surprise a customer with a feature that took weeks rather than months - our competitive advantage to the rest of the industry.

Trust. Transparency. Delivery.

As your technology partners, we will have your business's best interest at the forefront. Always. Let us handle your technology needs to improve efficiencies in your organization and trust that we will deliver every single time on this promise.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference with your product offerings?

Tenant White Label Platform: Our Tenant White Label platform offers a seamless and convenient tenant experience, with a customizable interface to your brand that your tenants can access from any device. Our platform provides an easy-to-use set of features for tenants to submit service requests, book amenities, and even access their building with mobile door access.

GeoInspect: The GeoInspect platform provides a simple, efficient way to conduct inspections and ensure that all maintenance activities have been completed. With its geofenced area predetermined by your team, you can easily capture the data you need and track accountability. Additionally, GeoInspect offers a set of customizable templates that you can use to streamline your inspection process.

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What is a "White Label" solution?

A White Label solution means that the app is fully customized to your company brand, your users will not see “Caret” on any of the marketing material. We will add your logo, colours and company name to the app. When tenants search the app store for your app, it will be under your name and branding.

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Is your technology securely hosted?

Security is top of mind and all hosting is done Amazon Web Services (AWS). We use a variety of industry standard security measure to ensure that our technology is hosted securely for our end customers.

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Can you build custom features on top of the existing ones for our company?

Yes! We are open to exploring any custom features that you may need and are dedicated to finding the best solutions to help you achieve your goals. Our team is experienced in building custom features and can work with you to develop something that is tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

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How quickly can we be up and running?

This timeline is completely dependent on what works best with your company and if there is any custom work required prior to launch. We would estimate a minimum of about 30 days to fully launch to your tenants, this gives you approximately 2-3 weeks to launch the app internally with your team members and get VIP onboarding and training with our Client Success team. The timeline is completely flexible, and we will work with your teams to ensure a smooth rollout.

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Who owns the data in the platform?

Our agreements with our customers give them explicit and complete control and ownership rights to their data

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