Powering Your Tenant Experience

An all-encompassing service request, tenant communication, room bookings and mobile door access solution, specifically branded to your company. Perfect for office, residential, and retail.

All you need under one platform

Built to be the full end to end solution so your internal team members and tenants can manage everything in one place

The PRocess

How it works


Get your own app

We provide your very own web and mobile (iOS / Android) apps based on the package chosen that are fully branded with your logos and colours. There is no "Caret" branding shown to any of your end users, only your own.


VIP Onboarding

Our team handles all the heavy lifting when it comes to creating App Store accounts for your company and setting up the web hosting. Don't worry about setting anything up or any kind of maintenance moving forward.
We also work with your internal employees to train them how the platform works (super easy!).


Launch into the digital age

Your app is deployed live to tenants and employees generating positive experiences, improved ROI's and the pride that comes with having your own software without the headache of managing any of it.


Your brand should always be at the forefront

Easy setup

We handle everything from creating your app with your logo and colors to making an iOS / Android App Store account for your company.

Flexible features

Whether you are looking for just our basic package or our entire offering, we are flexible to fit your needs.

Support on standby

We believe it is so easy to use that training isn't required but we are on standby to help you hit the ground running.

Your app, Caret's technology

Your app will be released under your own name and brand under your own App Store account with Caret never shown to your users.

Service requests ON AUTOPILOT

Automate all your service requests to replace your outdated call centre

Service requests

Improve the efficiencies of your service request process for both your tenants and internal operations team while gaining meaningful analytics that drive decisions that result in reducing time and costs.

Real time tracking

Service requests are tracked in real time with different status updates as they progress through the process. Tenants can see comments from the operations team regarding their requests and each status update for the request placed is sent to the tenant until complete. Tenants no longer need to wonder if a request is in extended delay because a part needs to be ordered.

Automate the service request process

When a user submits the service request through the app, it automatically gets distributed to the appropriate building technicians depending on time of day, the property, and availability. When requests don't get accepted by the team, the escalation process you set ensures it does not slip through the cracks.


Get ahead of potential long term issues in your properties by having all your insights and analytics in an easy to use dashboard with reporting capabilities. Additional insights make sure your team is responding to the needs of your tenants and meeting expectations.

Mobile door access

Leave the badge at home

Within your own branded app, control any door or elevator with your smartphone for the ultimate convenience, easy guest access, and deep usage analytic tracking

Save money on cards

No more cards needed and save money on expensive access control system licenses.

Improved security

Withdraw door access with a press of a button and easy to use logs keeps your team informed at all times.

Send access links

Send access link emails to guests with access to spaces without the need for an app.

Analytics and heatmaps

Get insights into how users are using specific spaces in your properties and "busy times".


Track tenant insurance in one place

Upload and manage all tenant insurance documents in one place. Get automatically notified 60 days before insurance is set to expire for tenants and easily see which tenants don't have any active insurance.

Versitile for multiple industries

Built to be flexible with ability to be used in various ways


Streamline communication and organization within the building while providing an easy way for tenants to request maintenance, book amenities, and communicate with the property manager. This can lead to increased efficiency and satisfaction for both the property manager and the tenants.


The white label platform makes it effortless and convenient for tenants to communicate with the property manager. Whether it's to alert tenants of upcoming events, submit maintenance requests, or book amenities, the process is made simple with just the click of a button!


The white label platform is the perfect solution for your retail tenants, giving them access to immediate maintenance assistance, up-to-date building-related information and a direct line of communication with the building management team. Not only does this ensure that your tenants have the tools they need, but it also provides a great service for your management team.

What our customers say

Don't take our word for it but rather our everyday customers that use the platform to power their operations!

“Benefits across the board”

"Through Caret, Hopewell implemented our own branded platform for our tenants over a year ago and the feedback has been positive! Our tenants truly appreciate the usability and simplicity of the platform. The platform itself has been beneficial as it has challenged our team to be more efficient and create better internal processes with tenant communication and preventative maintenance. It has also brought our team together through the implementation of the program. The Caret team has been excellent to work with!"

Danielle Chabot
Director at Hopewell Real Restate Services

“Thrilled with the results!”

"Royop recently transitioned to Orange+, our branded version of the Caret app and we are thrilled with the results! Having a branded tool for tenant engagement has added significant value for Royop by solidifying our REM platform and strengthening external, tenant relationships. With app features that are constantly evolving with the needs of our business, we are excited to see where Orange+ will take us next!"

Jayme Legat
General Manager at Royop

“The best service”

We’re very happy with the Caret platform. With their technology powering our Melcare app, we’re able to provide a better tenant experience to our customers. Our operations team is able to manage service requests and preventative maintenance much easier. The insights from the data collected now allows us to understand where we can improve our service to our tenants and which properties are most problematic.

Bob Brown
Vice President at Melcor Developments
amenity booking management

Manage all your amenities and property events in one place

Mobile door access

Amenities such as conference rooms can be connected to mobile door access so that only valid bookings through the system have access to the space

Credit system

Control fair usage of amenity spaces with our credit booking system that can be set per company in the system. Control how many credits each booking costs and get notified when credits for companies are running low

Host events at your property

Tenants can books events through the platform and you can control how many spots are available, all the details, and even see registrations / waitlists. It's everything you need to efficiently host and bring awareness to events in your properties

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a "White Label" solution?

A White Label solution means that the app is fully customized to your company brand, your users will not see “Caret” on any of the marketing material. We will add your logo, colours and company name to the app, when tenants search the app store for your app, it will be under your name and branding.

Can you build custom features on top of the existing ones for our company?  

Yes! We are open to exploring any custom features that you may need and are dedicated to finding the best solutions to help you achieve your goals. Our team is experienced in building custom features and can work with you to develop something that is tailored to your exact needs and requirements.

How will this platform impact the tenants in my building?  

With the White Label platform, tenants can communicate with their building's management team more efficiently and access all the information they need about their building easily. Through this platform, tenants can submit service requests, directly chat with property management staff and book amenities, leading to a more enjoyable experience as they can quickly get answers to their inquiries, address any difficulties, and access resources.

How quickly can we be up and running?  

This timeline is completely dependent on what works best with your company and if there is any custom work required prior to launch. We would estimate about 30 days to fully launch to your tenants, this gives you approximately 2-3 weeks to launch the app internally with your team members and get VIP onboarding and training with our Client Success team. The timeline is completely flexible, and we will work with your teams to ensure a smooth rollout.    

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