Digital inspections with service request management

Complete digital inspections and flag issues for your operations team while offering a service request portal for tenants to capture all issues that automate your operation delivery


Simple, yet powerful features

Digital Inspections

Convert your paper forms into fully customizable digital forms within minutes. No coding required.

Geofence Enforced

Inspections are proximity-triggered and send real-time alerts regarding the activity within the geofenced perimeter.

Track Flagged Issues

Easily flag issues during an inspection which can be assigned to yourself or other team members.

Service Request Portal

Improve the efficiencies of your service request process with your own custom branded portal where tenants submit requests.


How do inspections work?

GeoInspect was built to be extremely easy to use for the entire operations team. Inspections can be completed with almost no training and allows supervisors to easily manage remote teams

1 - Inspection triggered

Inspection is triggered at the property once geofenced is entered for full integrity

2 - Complete Inspection

Operators completes digital inspection & take an optional photo for validation purposes

3 - Flag any issues

If any issues are found during the inspection, they are easily flagged for team members

4 - Notifications

Managers are notified when the inspection is completed & can view all details remotely

Drag n Drop Inspection Builder

Our innovative drag n drop builder creates a digital inspection in minutes. Any inspection that you currently do with pen and paper can be easily be created by simply dragging over elements in the form builder.

Text fields, multiple choice, dropdown fields, take a photo, and signature fields
Set fields as mandatory and or optional
View in real time how the inspection form will look on the mobile app when it is being filled out

Capabilities for 3rd party contractors

Inspections automatically generate a printable QR code that can be placed anywhere an inspection occurs. A contractor can show up to site, scan the QR code and complete the inspection without the need to download the app since it works through the mobile web browser.

It's that easy.

Service requests

Automate all your service requests to replace your outdated call centre

Service request portal

Capture service requests from users in minutes in the portal that is also mobile friendly. Users can upload an optional photo if they wish that gives the operations team more insights into the issue. The service request is tracked in real time with email notifications so users know at all times how the request is progressing

Custom branded service request portal

The service request portal can easily be customized for your brand and company directly in the portal editor. This includes background colours / images, text colour, logos and the actual text shown!

Automate the service request process

When a user submits the service request through the app, it automatically gets distributed to the appropriate building technicians depending on time of day, the property, and availability.


Get ahead of potential long term issues in your properties by having all your insights and analytics in an easy to use dashboard with reporting capabilities. Additional insights make sure your team is responding to the needs of your tenants and meeting expectations

Versitile for multiple industries

Built to be flexible with ability to be used in various ways

Facilities Management

Making sure that all of your facilities are running efficiently can be challenging. Provide your team with the tools they need to keep every location running as optimal as possible. Empower your field workers to collect consistent data, standardize operations, send reports, spot issues, and resolve problems while tenants can contribute to this end goal by being able to easily submit trackable service requests.


Empower workers to complete inspection on sites in minutes, flag dangerous issues, and bring forth problems that the team can solve. Standardizing procedures at each sites helps keep safety at an all time high.


Replace paper inspections and checklists with digital tools that streamline your entire operations. Whether you are conducting a hotel room inspection or a vacation rental, digital inspections can be completed in minutes

Ready to go templates

Off the shelf templates to get started!

Use templates to get started

Use any one of our Global Template options to get you started with inspection creation. These can be fully customized to suit your needs, adding or removing any details/ elements that may be applicable to your inspection.

Save your company templates

Create templates specific to your company so you only have to create that inspection once! Templates are saved on your company file for any other user to use on different sites to allow for better streamlining of the building upkeep

Need help? We are here.

We believe the app is so easy to use you don’t need training, but we are here if you need it! Contact our Client Success team for hands-on step by step training.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the GeoInspect platform

The GeoInspect platform provides a simple, efficient way to conduct inspections and ensure that all maintenance activities have been completed. With its geofenced area predetermined by your team, you can easily capture the data you need and track accountability. Additionally, GeoInspect offers a set of customizable templates that you can use to streamline your inspection process.

What is a 'geofence' and How does this work?

A geofence is a virtual geographical boundary, created using GPS technology. Geofences work by creating a virtual perimeter around a designated area and then tracking the movement of a person or item within it. If the person or item crosses the boundary (geofence), an alert is triggered, and the inspections set for that site can then be completed.

How quickly can we be up and running?

GeoInspect was built to be easy to use with minimal training. Training takes approximately 10-15 minutes and creating digital inspections often takes minutes. You could sign up for Geofence first thing in the morning and have it launched in your company by lunch time.

What if a third party contractor does not wish to use an app?

Not to worry! Access for third party contractors is available via a URL rather than downloading the GeoInspect app. You can send them a link directly to the inspection that requires completion, or we have QR code scanning capabilities to make it as seamless as possible.

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