Property Management 2.0

Morley Barr - September 13, 2022

Most Property Managers know the acronym MBWA, which stands for ‘Management by Walking Around.”  We’re familiar with the phrase because experience has taught us that there’s nothing like walking a site or property to understand where to focus your attention at any given moment should be. The trouble is, in today’s environment, with additional reporting responsibilities, pandemic restrictions, and in many cases large portfolios to manage, a Property Manager’s time and attention can be taxed to the limit. With too much on their plate, a Property Manager is forced to be reactive instead of proactive. In addition, Building Operators and Maintenance staff are required to put out more ‘daily fires’ leading to burnout. Tenants complain about service resolution times, and some even go to the extreme and decide to move once their lease comes up for renewal, negatively impacting building value. It’s the worst situation to be in and we all know it.    

As they say, ‘there’s an app for that’! Unfortunately, the need for Proptech has led to many software developers creating, albeit with good intentions, poor solutions for an industry they barely understand. It’s easy to be a solution looking for a problem, but much harder to fully understand an industry from the outside, let alone create a solution for it; every business has its nuances and unique pain points.    

At Caret, a company founded and managed by commercial real estate professionals, we created a solution-based platform built from inside our industry. We live the same problems and issues you do, everyday, and we know it’s important to focus on communication efficiency, streamlining and even enhancing a tenant’s ability to reach their Property Manager, and vice versa. More communication means more information – vital information to help a Property Manager solve issues they may not have known existed.    

Our integrated platform gives tenants context on their issues without having to focus attention on choppy, exhaustive email chains or missed phone calls. They simply enter their issue into an app, follow the progress in real time, and get notified when it’s done!  

But the Caret platform goes beyond “Property Management 101”. We’re digging into real issues faced by us and our peers, and building solutions into our ever-evolving platform. Service Requests, Preventative Maintenance, amenity booking, access control, insurance tracking, and asset management analytics to name a few, all packaged in a format we know works, because we use it every day in our own portfolio. And, perhaps most importantly, Caret is not interested in taking away from your brand or monetizing your data.  Your brand is important and should be treated like the valuable asset it is – which is why our platform is 100% white labelled to you at no additional cost. Others might want to data-mine and profit off your tenant information, but at Caret we believe your data is yours alone. Period.  

Our goal at Caret is to create time for your team to be more knowledgeable, efficient, and most of all, proactive. Our platform gives you the tools to improve your operations as well as your asset-level decisions. All 100% under your brand, while you maintain full control of your data. Visit our site at to find out more!